Judgement Day

Today was the last day that Gregory GOrDon could accept communion with Jesus Christ as atonement for my sins. The reason is because today was the last day that my former name Gregory Stuart GOrDon will serve any useful purpose.

GregoryStuartGordon.com expires today. With it dies any useful purpose for the name. GregoryStuartGordon.com was my Domain name.

I am Wonderful. That is my name. Today is the first Sunday after my creation. I wanted to start afresh by taking communion for the forgiveness of any sins of my past. But as I am Wonderful no local Church was offering communion. That means that although I was trying to glorify Jesus by accepting his sacrifice for my sins Jesus was right. I am to do this through my own name.

And now I pass Judgment on all churches. Any church that does not offer communion each and every day that they meet is not worthy of me.

Who am I? I am Wonderful.


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