Jamaican Wood & Root Tonic – 16 oz.

Although I did not invent the tonic I think that I have found out from personal experience and the experience of a friend that Sundial Wood & Root Tonic not only improves the immune system as claimed by its maker but that it actually cures HIV/AIDS.

Here is my experience.

In 2009 I was loose in NYC and having unprotected sex with numerous male hustlers. About five to six weeks after one encounter I experienced four days of diarrhea. Shortly thereafter I developed severe night sweats and a persistent cough. I thought for sure that I had developed HIV but was afraid to get tested.

Then I heard that a very good friend of mine who had full blown AIDS had gotten herself tested after drinking some Sundial Wood & Root Tonic and there was not a trace of HIV in her system. One day I went to a Rastafarian’s home who was a mutual friend of ours and he suggested that I drink some of the Wood Root Tonic. I did. And that very night the night sweats went away.

I did not put the two things together until about a year later. During that time I got myself tested and the test came back negative. Since then I have been much more careful with my sex life and have been tested five more times. Each time the test came back negative. In fact I have been tested about 14 times for HIV both before and after drinking the tonic and all tests were negative.

While I can not say I invented the tonic I may have discovered the fact that it is a cure because very few people who have tested positive would think to get retested.

That is where I need your help.

If you have tested positive for HIV and have not yet started drug treatment here’s what I need you to do.

Buy a bottle of Sundial Wood & Root Tonic and take a six ounce dose them wait about two weeks and get yourself tested again. If all goes according to plan your second test will be negative. If it works for you please leave a comment and share this page on Facebook, Twitter and others. You’ll find the share buttons below.